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Giving Thanks in the New World

A few months ago, I left a comfortable job at a start-up I had been with a long, long time to come to a big, scary new world - literally, a new country, a new job, a new type of work, and a totally different type of business. And, after I landed in this new world, things got a bit turned upside down.

I have at times lamented the frustrations along the way. But on reading Tom Peters' Thanksgiving Post today, I realized that all of the difficulties have given me the opportunity to really work on A different Brand You. From Tom's brilliant post:

"Is it a lonely life that I propound? To the contrary. Those hearty first white New Englanders were at once self-reliant ... but had the support of an extraordinarily tight-knit community. My "Brand Yous"? On their own—but, if they're wise, creating their own, resilient communities of reputation and support. Face-to-face or, increasingly, online. (Web 2.0? 3.0? Who cares; it can work.) I mostly work alone, or, rather, with the assistance of a wee group of colleagues in Vermont and Boston. And a powerful band of supporters from hither and, increasingly, thither. To tell the truth, I feel a lot more secure with my self-created network and devotion to self-improvement than I ever did at, say, McKinsey or Stanford. It's up to me, per Sally Field, to constantly get better-different than yesterday; and it's up to me to expand and mind my network.

Hence my flavor of Brand You is at once distinctly Solo and distinctly about creating and minding a Network-Community of, mostly, one's own construction.

My Thanksgiving suggestion is to remember the true nature and character and determination of those Pilgrim Fathers & Mothers as their little band, alone on the East coast of a great continent, carved out the beginnings of a truly New World that eventually became a Beacon of Freedom and Opportunity for all others around the globe."

I hope that I can show the same character and determination as I create the content here on this blog - some days, it's easier to write than others. And I hope that I can create content that is worthwhile for all of the people reading the blog, subscribing through RSS, or listening to the podcast.

Most of all, today, I'm thankful for the ability to create "a resillient community of network and support" of brilliant people in my life: those from the blogosphere - I mention them in almost every post, and I'm glad to have their brilliant writing to inspire me to put up my own thoughts. A brilliant wife who supports my blogging and gives me advice and help every day. A beautiful family and friends who always challenge me and give me the inspiration to be myself.

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