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The Social Imperative

Amrit had some great points the other day in his post that everybody's quoting these days entitled Information Security Must Evolve. And he echoed some of the things that drove me to create the teleseminar series. From his article:

"Security professionals must have a better understanding of the business they are hired to protect, must posses more soft skills such as communication and cooperation, and must evolve their skill against the dynamic threat environment and the evolving business infrastructure."

The importance of social and business skills can't be underestimated - the reason that people like Amrit and Jim C are successful in their information security careers isn't because of their brilliant technical skills. While they're both technically competent, that's not their real skill.

Their real skill is in understanding the changing currents in both business and in people, and understanding how to navigate those currents. Those are the skils that you really need to learn as you move through your infosec career.

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