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Teleseminar - Tech Skills, Creativity and Networking with Tim Keanini

The second episode of the Episteme IT/InfoSec Career Portfolio Teleseminar & Podcast Series will feature my brilliant colleague and friend Tim Keanini (aka TK) of nCircle Network Security.

I first met TK when he joined nCircle in 2001, and I was immediately amazed by his ability to synthesize technology and manage people. While lots of people are good at one or both, TK manages to combine the two in a way that is beyond rare. The longer I got to know TK, I realized that he does three things better than almost anyone else I have ever met.

  • In moving up the corporate laddder, he has managed to stay an incredible technologist, as well as maintaining his passion for technology

  • TK has an incredible ability to use "synthetic thinking" - he is as likely to pull a great technical idea out of a book on sociology or history as out of a technical book. He can use ideas from anywhere to start up his creative engine.

  • He has an incredible network of people around him - it's impossible not to love TK, and so he makes friends where-ever he goes. It has created a group of incredibly smart people around him who are available to help whenever he needs it.
These are skills that just about anybody could use more of - and, while there are lots of books out there that claim to teach them (especially the third one), TK's a natural at it. So, I asked him to come on and talk with me about all of the cool things that he does and all of the thoughts that he has about how he does what he does.

The teleseminar is going to take place at 1PM PST/4PM EST on Tuesday, November 28. Click here to sign Up For the Mailing List to get the call-in info.

If you have questions that you would like to see TK and I talk about, please leave them in the comments below.

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