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I know I have quite a few readers from the Toronto area (at least according to Google Analytics - if you're in the Toronto area right now, there's a seminar that you should check out.

The seminar is the Directions To Success one-evening seminar run by a good friend of mine, Gregory C.N. Smith. Greg's one of the most powerful speakers I've met in the past few years, with a razor quick mind and a great sense of humor. Best of all, he's a hell of a teacher - the man knows his stuff.

But don't take it from me - here's Greg's promise: "Give me 5 minutes with anyone and I can tell them how to achieve their goals and aspirations and what limits them from succeeding in life."

And he'll do it, too.

And even better about this seminar - it's free. Doesn't cost a thing. Greg's doing it just to get his message out there - I'm sure that once you hear him speak, you'll find yourself wanting to improve your life.

As I said, Greg's a friend, so I'm biased, but I know you'll get a lot out of it if you go. It's at 401 & Dixie, Thursday night, November 23. If you're within 100 Km of Toronto, you should make sure that you get yourself there.

Go here to check out the seminar and let Gregory know that you're interested in attending.

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