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The "New Math" of Marketing

Seth says:

"there's a real need, almost a desperate need, for the 999,000 vibrant webpages that aren't in the top 1,000 in traffic to find a way to get there."

Unfortunately, that's the problem that most marketers have. They're trying to stuff 1,000,000 sites into the top 1000. This is what leads to a real distrust of brands and marketing out there - not every product in the world can be "the best", "the cheapest", "the coolest", etc.

This is what branding and positioning is all about - it's about realizing that not every blog needs to be in the Top 100 to be a massive success - perhaps it only needs to be in the "Top 100 Bonobo Chimpanzee Sociology" blogs. Or whatever your market is. The key is market segmentation.

For whatever other faults you may think the book had, this is the point that The Long Tail was making - that you're far better off being in the top 10 of a small category (because it's now sustainable to be out there) than you are trying to crowd yourself in with the other 1,000,000 sites in the top 1000.

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