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Planning for 2007 - A Roundup

It seems that all of the really brilliant people out there have already started their 2007 planning, and I wanted to post some of that brilliance here. Recently, Dan at FRACAT had a great post about starting to prepare for finding your best career in 2007 - his advice was brilliant as always. One of the best ideas from the post was the idea of creating "resume cards" - I've realized that I need to create them for myself these days. More and more, my personal brand is defined by what I'm doing here on this site rather than by my day job.

Beyond Dan's brilliance, I was listening to the 48 Days Podcast by career guru Dan Miller, and he was talking about always having his next year's goals finished by November 15th. I'm feeling a little behind the curve on this one, as I often wait until the week between Christmas and New Year's to do my yearly planning. It seems like a good idea, though, to be making those plans ahead of time, rather than getting caught up in New Year's Resolution Fever - I think I'm going to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week to do that goal setting.

Another brilliant post involved someone who is actually going through New Year's right now - Indian author Rajesh Setty posts on "Reflecting on the Past Year". He talks about how to measure success from year to year, and comes up with two brilliant questions to measure that success - from the post:

""What are your significant contributions to the world this year?"

"By how much has your ability to make a difference in the world increased as compared to the last year?""

To those questions, I would add two more that can help make your year even more concrete:

"Who is better off because I was alive through the past year - whose hearts have I touched in either big or small ways this year?"

"What things have I accomplished this year that nobody other than me could have done?"

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