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The Question

Over at his brilliant blog, DavidCo's Jason Womack talks about "the" question:

"What do you do?"

This one has been a tough one for me over the past couple of years, mostly because I do so much. I work in information security. I do NLP and hypnosis. I teach. I coach. I help people be more who they really are. I work for an insurance company.

In entrepreneurial circles, they talk about having an "elevator speech" - the 30-second answer to the question: "what does your company do?". I think there's no question that we need a personal version of an elevator speech.

Sometimes, the hardest thing about that speech is having the courage to give it, though, especially if you're not sure how they're going to react - as Jason describes his experience:

"The more I refer to this role, especially with people I meet for the first time, the more I notice it does one of two things...

(1) They look away, laugh, and we don't talk much anymore, or (2) they look at me, and say something like, "Really?" (By the way, I'm noticing more people are doing #2 lately.)"

Especially in a world where the "normal" answer to the question isn't one that contains a great deal of passion and intensity, response #1 can be common when you talk about your true calling and what you're bringing to the world.

So, what's your elevator speech? How do you answer "The Question"... What do you do?

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