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Announcement - Episteme IT/InfoSec Career Portfolio Teleseminar & Podcast Series

I have foreshadowed in a couple of previous entries that I'd be making an announcement about something cool soon. I've been spending a lot of time in the past couple of weeks running around getting this ready, and we're finally ready to announce the first (of hopefully many) Episteme Teleseminar Series. Over the course of a few weeks in late November and early December, we're going to put on a few teleconferences with some really cool people, and talk about some cool stuff.

This series is going to be focused on the portfolio of skills that will make you a better IT/Information Security professional and help you manage your career. To that end, the lineup is going to feature life coaches, consultants, information security executives, and even one of the best recruiters in the industry. We're going to talk about career skills, social intelligence, networking, and anything else that comes up in the course of interesting conversations.

The Roster

Linda Ferguson of NLP Canada Training on Integrated Thinking for IT Professionals Linda and I are going to talk about the key social, emotional and thinking skills that make a successful IT career. We'll explore the different types of intelligence: social intelligence, emotional intelligence, and those thinking skills that can make you a successful individual contributor and manager. We'll explore the most fundamental question: What resources do you need in order to have a wildly successful information technology career?

Scott Blake of Echelon One on Being a CISO Scott is responsible for managing and executing Echelon One’s CISO roundtables - beyond being a former CISO, he works with CISOs as part of his day to day job. Scott and I are going to talk about what CISOs are all about - what they expect, what they need, and equally important - how you become one.

Tim Keanini of nCircle on Managing Creativity, Technical Skill and your Network As CTO of nCircle, one of his biggest tasks is to bring together groups of really smart people and discuss, create and learn about new technology. Anyone who knows TK is amazed at his ability to bring together technical skill, creativity and synthetic thought, and an uncanny ability to bring together a network of really smart people. We're going to explore TK's mind and get some nuggets of brilliance from him.

Lee Kushner of LJ Kushner & Associates on Getting Hired, Getting Promoted and Building A Career. As president of LJ Kushner & Associates, Lee is a wealth of knowledge about what information security careers look like these days. We're going to talk about the skills, traits and experience that make a successful career in information security. Lee has brilliant advice about what can make you a more successful internet security professional today.

The Career Coaches Panel - We will bring together three life and career skills coaches including Ron from The Geek Coach and Dan from FRACAT to discuss the trends that they're seeing in IT careers these days, and the useful social intelligence and career skills that really matter in IT today.

Plus some special, surprise guests...

The Teleseminars

The teleseminar series will take place in a series of phone calls in late November and early December, 2006, and will be published here as a podcast shortly after the calls take place. Each of the calls will last around an hour, and will involve a discussion and some Q&A time with the audience at the end of the call.

You MUST be on the call in order to ask questions of this great list of callers!

In order to sign up for the call, enter your name and email address in the box below to sign up for the Episteme Teleseminar Mailing List


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