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Being Part of the Conversation

Sometimes I wonder what it is that's so addictive about the medium of bloggers. We hear about the lowered "barriers to entry", and all that, but I have always thought it was something more.

As an example, since I started the new job that I'm at, three of my fellow coworkers (Steve, Bill and Jim) have all started up blogs of their own. I know that it's not my influence on them - I think more that they realized that they could do it (and I love each of their blogs... if you haven't seen Steve's Sarbanes-Oxley poetry, you're missing something).

And, of course, Scoble hits the nail right on the head with what it is:

"Being part of the conversation is the key to this new world. It’s why I hate talking about advertising and CPM (cost per thousand visits) or ad units or interstitals. I’d rather talk about what is on Digg or Techmeme or on Dori Smith’s blog."

The interesting thing about the conversation is how it propagates. Recently, I posted a complete rant on the blog. Amrit followed that up with his own take on the situation, which lead to Matasano weighing in on the situation. And now, here I am linking them in with something that Scoble said.

It's a self-reinforcing loop, and at every turn, we each take a piece of each other's information and add to it, building something new. I think that's what I find so addictive about it - every blog I read gives me a new piece of information that pushes my brain in a new direction, thinking about something new, which I can then give to someone else.

(A big thanks to Joe for posting about this topic and pointing me to the Scoble entry)

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