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I've recently found that the Fracat and JibberJobber blogs have some really brilliant content. Recently, Dan posted about personal marketing. To end the entry, he asked an absolutely brilliant question:

"Now, what can you do today to start marketing yourself before you need a job?"

This really becomes the fundamental difference between careers that rocket forward and those that simply move along at a normal pace (big announcement around that coming in a few days). We were talking today about an example of that: HD Moore. Anybody who has spent about five minutes on security in the last two years knows who HD is (if you don't, read this). And there is no doubt that HD is brilliant and charismatic and full of interesting things to say.

But that's the interesting part: he's not unlike about a million other people out there. At nCircle, the entire VERT team is like that - I bet you could argue that some of them are smarter and more skilled than HD is. But you've never heard of them.

And the reason for that is that HD has done a phenomenal job building his personal brand. He started Metasploit, and has been out in front of the community ever since - speaking at conferences, doing press, and making himself known.

I guarantee that HD isn't going to have a hard time finding a job any time soon.

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