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The Marketing Problem

I find the whole blogging thing fascinating, and an interesting exercise in marketing. The question I keep asking myself:

What makes a blog truly popular and worth reading?

What makes people like Rothman, Mogull and others so popular? Thinking on a larger scale, what makes Scoble, Ze Frank and Joel Spolsky part of the Top 100 when blogs from best-selling authors (who should have built-in audiences) like Tom Peters, Levitt and Dubner and Malcolm Gladwell aren't?

At his blog (ranked #21), Seth talks about getting from "here to there" - he talks about a common misperception around the generation of blog traffic. From the article:

"The mistake bloggers often make (actually, all marketers make sooner or later) is the believe that being popular is its own reward. That once every one does their line dance or visits their restaurant or wears their fashion or reads their blog, then it will be popular for being popular."

That, of course, is the challenge that all marketers face - how to make something that nobody knows about something that everyone knows about. And, while there are lots of great books on marketing, it's never as easy as most of those books make it. Mostly, I think, because everyone else is trying to do it at the same time.

If you have any sage wisdom on how to make a blog super-popular (or anything that you as a customer would like to see here), I'm all ears - let me know what you think I should do to make Episteme a more interesting and popular read.

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