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Over at JibberJobber, Jason is hosting the networking blog carnival. I hadn't actually heard of a blog carnival until recently, but I find the idea fascinating (and love Jason's blog). So, I'm going to participate even though I'm late to the game. The question of the carnival is:

Yikes! You just lost your job! You’ve been so busy at work that you don’t feel your network is as strong as you would like it to be! What are you going to do with (and to) your network in the next 6 weeks as you begin an aggresive job search campaign? And, outside of your network, what job search tactics will you employ? Or your best networking tips related to job searches.

The first and most important thing I'm going to do is sit down quietly and write for the best part of an hour on the following topic: Knowing my calling, and what I'm here for, how does losing my job actually put me in a better position to become who I ultimately believe I will be? What skills, resources, and opportunities does this give me that I haven't had before?

Then, with that list of skills, resources and opportunities, I'm going to ask and write about the next question: What is my next step going to be? Note that I didn't say "what is my next job going to be", because the key step here might not be a job - it might be a volunteer opportunity, an opportunity to start my own business, etc. And I don't want to limit myself here.

Then, finally, the question that brings it back to my network: what do I need to do next and who should I talk to first to figure out how I get there?

That is how I spend the first day of the six weeks. The next 5 weeks and 6 days are going to be spent re-asking myself the final question iteratively, as I move towards whatever I decided my next step is going to be.

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