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Thanks for the Reminder, Tom...

One of my favorite bloggers on the planet is Tom Peters - I love his take on the world, and most of all, I love his powerpoint slides. (Anyone who has seen a recent presentation from me will notice some similarities).

One of his posts yesterday is one that I need to take a reminder from:

"Remember: "Pissed off at a glitch? Fine. But be nice. Very nice. Very, very nice. The person on the other side of the counter [etc] is the Only Human Being on Earth, at the moment, who can help solve your problem. Or not.""

My wife would love it if I could keep this one in mind more often - glitches piss me off. Especially when they're systematic ones (is there really only one DMV in the entire state of New Hampshire that can issue a Canadian citizen a driver's license?)

The thing about being pissed off is that it really doesn't help, and it's not particularly resourceful. There are always more resourceful states that one can choose - particularly, it sometimes helps situations immensely to use the WMP (Weapons of Mass Politeness) as Tom called it.

Tom did some great slides on Dale Carnegie recently - it's always useful to remember the advice from How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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