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Outcome Focus

My brilliant wife sent me an amazing article on workplace reorganization the other day. The article talked about how Best Buy is doing some incredibly cool things in its organization to focus the organization on results.

Melina pointed out that the whole article reminded her a great deal of Semler's Seven Day Weekend (which is a brilliant book on the future of the enterprise, in my opinion). But more important to me was a quote near the bottom of the article:

"You start looking at everything and saying, 'Is this really going to help get me to my desired outcome?' " Ressler says. "Pretty soon you've cut out 10 of those unnecessary things that used to fill up your week, and you're getting a lot more done."

You know, that should be the fundamental question of every person at their job, in my opinion. It's not about "how do I get promoted", or "how do I keep from getting laid off" (a particularly poignant question today)... even though those questions are what most people think about. The fundamental question of every moment of every day should be: "What can I do right now to get the outcome I'm pursuing?"

If that's not your question, I'd suggest that your outcome isn't really being pursued - it's being watched from afar like a tennis match.

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