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The Starbucks Effect

In his slide masters, Tom Peters has a great slide about Starbuck's. The slide quotes a regional manager of Starbuck's as saying:

"We have identified a ‘third place.’ And I really believe that sets us apart. The third place is that place that’s not work or home. It’s the place our customers come for refuge.”

The interesting thing about this concept of Starbuck's is that the "third place" comes with a wireless network and the ability to do much of the work that-- pre-Starbuck's -- you could only do at work.

From the perspective of information security, that puts a whole new spin on the idea of protection - no longer do your firewalls or IDS/IPS solutions (or even your vulnerability management tools) have a significant chance of maintaining network control - all you have is the laptop that sits on a table next to a venti carmel mochaccino to ward off the evil bad guys that are sitting at Starbuck's with your employees.

It's a game changer. Perhaps we should all follow Amrit's sage advice and go to an elegant solution of a real thin client environment. I was talking with Bill P about this just the other day.

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