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Overview of My System

Many of you reading this know that I'm a productivity hack guru - I'm always looking for the slightest little hack that can improve my life. I'll be publishing more blog entries on this in the near future, but this one should serve as an introduction to what I do.

While I was reading Merlin's blog recently, I read Patrick Rhone's description of his life management system "Org-Fu" which is quite tightly coupled to David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system. And I figured that it would make sense for me to put together a description of my own system for managing my life.

The first thing I need to say is that I'm not nearly as tightly coupled to the GTD principles as Patrick is - I've spent time with Tony Robbins' RPM system as well Charles Givens' SuperSelf Program, and the systems from Franklin-Covey. So, the things that I do are actually an amalgam of the tools from each of those systems.

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