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Long live IDS

Today, nCircle sent out a press release that announced their newest patent - it patents the combination of IDS and Vulnerability Assessment.

This is the technology that was developed back in the way old days at Hiverworld - when the scanner was called Swarm, the IDS was called Mantid and the management console was known as Ansible.

What's most interesting about the granting of this patent now is that there are a lot of other systems that are doing this exact type of correlation: Sourcefire is doing it with RNA, Tenable is doing it in Security Center and I know that there are others I'm forgetting.

While I could get into a rant about the futility of the patent system, what's more important is that I'm incredibly happy to see this technology getting talked about - IDS has been languishing with horrible false positives for a long, long time, and I've always believed in the technology that came from the Hiverworld timeframe - the "target-based IDS" idea was brilliant then, and it's brilliant now.

Congrats, nCircle guys... it's nice to finally see this patent get granted.

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