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Quiet on the Eastern Front

I've been quiet for the last week or so - that's mostly a factor of being incredibly busy getting my life in order. Moving to a new country, and all of the various and sundry things that go with it - buying a car, unpacking huge numbers of boxes, disposing of insane amounts of packing material, etc.

I'm settling in to the new job - I'm alternately awed and overwhelmed by the sheer size of the organization. My life has been in small companies to this point - it's much like the feeling of my first year biology class at U of T that had 3000 people in it - the professor was at the front of the auditorium with a big screen behind him, and nobody ever really met him. I imagine I'm going to have a similar relationship to the CEO here - that is, no relationship at all.

It's very different than nCircle, where I could walk in to Abe's office and talk.

But size has its benefits, no doubt. More on that over the coming year.

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