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Do you have the Right Key?

So, last night, we went to Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Me for dinner. Beyond being an absolutely incredible meal of lobster and a really incredible salad bar, there was a little trick that I loved.

With our dinner, the waiter dropped two small envelopes on the table - inside the envelope was a small key. And the envelope directed us to the gift shop, where we could try our key in their "Treasure Chest" to win a prize. And so, when we were finished our dinner, we walked to the gift shop to try out our keys. Of course, we didn't win anything.

But I can guarantee that if it hadn't been for the realization that everything in there was three times the cost that it would have been elsewhere, we'd have come out with something. And the store was perfectly set up for kids - I know we wouldn't have escaped without purchasing something if we had little ones in tow. (I know this because I saw it happen to some other couple who was in the store).

It seemed like a very Seth Godin thing to do. And it made me think: what little aside could I do in life to ensure that I have satisfied customers?

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